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pink dog Doodlebug Dog Walker is owned by me, Elizabeth (that’s me in the main picture up top!). Our team does it because we love animals and we can’t think of a more fulfilling job. Although getting to play with all our wonderful clients hardly feels like work. I grew up with dogs, and currently have 1 dog, Taylor (also pictured above!)

Either myself or one of our new client coordinators will meet with each of you. We then assign you the pet sitter which will fit best with your schedule and pets. As a policy, you will be assigned one primary sitter, although periodically we do need to change staff, to accommodate schedules and emergency situations.

We have several Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers who help care for your pets. As with all our pet sitters, the following qualifications apply:

Insurance: All pet sitters are insured through Kennel Pro Insurance.

Background Checks: All pet sitters undergo a background check which includes: State Criminal Search, Residency History, Social Security Verification, and Nationwide Sexual Offender Index Search. Disqualifiers for hire by Doodlebug Dog Walker on background check results include any form of violent crime as well as any form of theft or shoplifting. All other results are carefully reviewed on a case by case basis before determining if an applicant is hired.

Getting To Know...Elizabeth Skordinski, dog walker and pet lover.

March 13, 2008
Story from The Fairfax Connection

Elizabeth Skordinski loves all breeds of dogs. Her love of animals prompted her to quit a corporate job and start her own dog-walking business serving Fairfax and Clifton. The James Madison University graduate now relishes her title of “Professional Dog Walker, Pet Sitter, Pet Taxi Driver, and Pooper Scooper clean up.”

“From a 120-pound Mastiff that I pet sit to an 8-pound Chihuahua, they are all super,” said Skordinski, whose own dog, Taylor, she considers her “child.”

Skordinski has some experience with entrepreneurship, having started a babysitting business at age 12. In the next few years, she hopes to see her business grow in Fairfax County, she said. She would also like to visit Italy and start a family. A fan of “The Golden Girls,” Skordinski also enjoys spending time with her family, collecting butterfly decorations, the Outer Banks and eating out at Coastal Flats, Sweet Water Tavern and Tony’s Pizzeria.

How did you decide to start your own dog-walking business? I decided to start my own dog-walking business because I was working 60-70 hours a week in the corporate world and got burned out. I woke up one day and said to myself I can’t do this commute, this job, this life anymore. I started to think about my passion and what I truly love to do. How could I make money doing what I love? I love animals and got the “aha” moment to start my own dog walking and pet sitting business. I am so enthusiastic about animals and I spring out of bed in the morning knowing I have sweet “babies” to care for. I got my Web site www.doodlebugdogwalker.com that very day, gave my two-weeks notice to my corporate job and didnít look back. Doodlebug Dog Walker is truly my dream job.

Is there any advice you can give to those thinking of becoming first-time pet owners? First-time pet owners should do research carefully. A dog is a big commitment. They are like little people. I would recommend adopting a dog, as there are so many in shelters right now. Someone could find a dog or puppy at www.petfinders.com or at my Web site to find a local shelter. Once you go to look at dogs, look into a dog’s eyes because you can tell a lot. Our dog, Taylor, was from the Pet’s Smart Adoption Day and we got him because he had the most affectionate eyes. Finally, I think dogs are a lot like their owner. Some dogs are hyper, some dogs are quiet, some dogs are dominant, some dogs are snugglers. You want to find the dog that best suits your personality. Follow your gut when you meet the dog.

What is the most challenging part of running a dog-walking business? Rewarding? The most challenging part of running Doodlebug Dog Walker is picking up 13 sets of waste that dogs make a day. Although that still doesn’t compare to working a 9-to-5 J.O.B. I am a good Girl Scout and am always prepared. The most rewarding part of Doodlebug Dog Walker is seeing dogs grow up. I love to see when a dog gets potty-trained, learns something new, and smiles. It brightens my day when a dog is as excited to see me as I am to see them. I also give every dog I walk a nickname from me and they get so jazzed when I call them by it. The reward of this business is daily.

by Lea Mae Rice
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Jennifer wrote:
Dear Elizabeth, Congratulations on 5 years of superb service! As my travel schedule & long days in Washington DC are unpredictable, I appreciate your staff's ability to work with my last minute requests and ensure the best care is provided for my beagles, Maxx & Penni. I love the commentary after each visit; as these are my children, I appreciate the complete note of what they did during their visit, and in those notes you can see that the dog walker truly enjoys pets and love my dogs as much as I do. We truly would not trust our "furry children" to anyone else, and we recommend Doodlebug to anyone seeking a professional, full service, trustworthy dog walking service.
Hereís to another 5 years!
Warm Regards

Patty and Mike wrote:
Hi Elizabeth!

So clearly Mike’s favorite thing is not writing Thank yous! But we really appreciate the candy (those lollipops are money) and Reggie loves his treats (as you know!). That was so thoughtful.

We can tell you that Reggie is a very happy dog with you. I can’t tell you how much relief that gives us, knowing that he’s in such good hands. Thanks again for everything! Talk to you soon, Patty...and Mike! (and Reggie and Peanut)

Carl wrote:
Thank you! You rock! Glad Lloyd and you are back together!

You are doing an amazing job!

Thanks for all you do for Lloyd!

Erik wrote:
Thank you (and your mom) for all your extra effort yesterday! While it was a stressful day for Chloe, we felt much better knowing you had her best interests at heart! Thanks again!

Jeff and Sally wrote:
Thanks for taking care of them...Thanks again for the help on Sat. We owe you!...Have fun today! Thanks for dealing wit the rascals...Thanks for the goodie bag...Thx for coming tomorrow.

Steve wrote:
Thanks for helping out with Nula!

Karen wrote:
Hey Elizabeth - it’s me again! ;) First off, please thank your Mom again for me. She’s so wonderful. I love the notes and it’s so nice that she watered our plants!...Oringally we scheduled for Trinity to stay at a kennel in MD with my Mom’s dog, but I know she’d be much happier if Felicia would take care of her.

Allison and Andrew wrote:
E, Thank you so much for all of your help the other night!

Kristen and Jeremy wrote:
Dear Elizabeth and Steve,
Thank you so much for watching Sophie so that Jeremy and I could enjoy our wedding day without worrying about her comfort. She told us how much fun she had visiting with both of you and especially enjoyed the snuggle time on the sofa! :) You have been great to work with and helped remove a lot of the stress I had surrounding Sophie’s care on our wedding day. Thank you for keeping her company!!!! :) Kristen and Jeremy

Lee and Don wrote:
Thank you so much!