Do I Tip My Dog Walker During The Holidays?

Are you as giddy as I am during the holidays? I literally start prepping for the holidays in July and am known to have Christmas music blaring during a 107 degree heat wave in August.   I think I’m avoiding the question as I usually start to sweat…like full on perspire when someone asks, “Do I need to tip my dog walker during the holidays?”  Back to my stalling tactic…it has been a privilege to care for pets for over 12 holiday seasons.  I digress…I need to answer… Do I have to tip my dog walker or pet sitter during the holiday season?  Is a gift expected as a pet sitter?

First and foremost, that is incredibly kind. During the busy holiday rush to even think about a gift or tip for your dog walker or pet sitter is nice!  I sweat & perspire with this question as we certainly don’t expect tips as dog walkers and pet sitters.  It is always appreciated.  My inner Mrs. Claus a-la-Emily-Post has a little go-to guide if you chose to bless your dog walker or pet sitter.

7 Best Holiday Gifts For Dog Walkers And Pet Sitters:

1. Cash tips – you can never go wrong good ol’ money and a nice note.

2. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – did I tell you we work outdoors? Lol. Your lips get CHAPPED as a dog walker and pet sitter during winter months. I may have 11 tubs of chapstick and will use come spring time!

3. Fingerless gloves that are also mittens are great when holding a leash!

4.Gift cards – whenever a walker or sitter spends the gift card, they will think of you!  Amazon gift cards are popular and so are Starbucks gift cards.

5. Hand Cream – your hands get equally as chapped as your lips during winter months. Extra lotion is always appreciated!

6. A thoughtful note is always appreciated. I have saved many of the kind notes I have received even from a decade ago. Clients are like family and it’s nice to get the warm fuzzy feeling that you are doing a good job for someone’s family.

7. Food – You can’t go wrong with chocolates! Just make sure your furbabies don’t get into it.

Truly though…it’s the thought that counts. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make someone feel special or important.  A kind word or note goes a long way.

Wishing you the best holiday season and Happy New Year,

Elizabeth Skordinski
Founder & Co-Owner

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