Will You Help Us Raise $1,000 For Animal Rescues?

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Happy Holidays!  Doodlebug Dog Walker is on a mission to raise $1,000 for Homeward Trails Animal Rescue and WAAAG Washington Area Animal Adoption Group by December 31st! For each dog bandana sold, we will donate $1 to an animal rescue.  Every day the post office is open, we will drop the orders off the same day shipping for every order than comes in before December 31st.  Click HERE to order you dog bandana and help us with our $1,000 goal!  Here are some of the choices:

Large Blue Snowflake Hercules Melissa Collection

Large Valentine’s Day Melissa S Collection

5 Large Jenny G Dog Bandana Collection

5 Small Jenny G Dog Bandana Collection  


Each bandana ordered will mean another $1 that Doodlebug Dog Walker donates to Homeward Trails or WAAAG.  All dog bandanas are made in Virginia by seamstresses. Collections are named after our Doodlebug Dog Walker team members.  Order before December 31st!