Special Day – Gotcha Day & Birthday!

From The Desk Of Co-owner Jennifer G:

Today is a very special day for me, and I hope you will bear with a little sentimentalism this Saturday morning 🙂 10 years ago today, I received a phone call that would alter my existence. Sounds dramatic, but stick with me.

A friend had been distracted by a roadside commotion only to pull over and find that several good Samaritans were in pursuit of two little puppers running amok in traffic. My friend eventually scooped them up and after some clapping and disbursement of the spectators, had to figure out what to do with them. He drove to the closest animal shelter but they were at capacity and said the little doggos would only be given 7 days. Obviously, he couldn’t leave the sweet dogs that had already won his heart to a fate like that, so he picked up the phone and asked for me to help him out as he had to get to work.

I met him and picked up two small Jack Russell Chihuahua mixes, one female and one male. I drove around the area they were found, but no one was searching for them. As time went on it became very obvious that they had been ditched, probably due to a foreclosure. After a month of calling them “Boy Dog” and “Girl Dog” they became Rollo Quentin Bear (Mr Bear for short) and Snickers (aka Snickerdoodle).

That day, 10 years ago, I may have saved them from abandonment.  They were the ones that rescued me. Sadly, we lost Snickers just over 2 years later. It was one of the hardest things I have gone through, but Mr Bear and I were there for each other. That bond has only deepened over the years, and every day I am so thankful to call him my best friend.


4 years to the day after I picked up those hitchhiking pups, a new little girl came in Mr Bear and I’s lives. Her name is Cali, better known toMr Bear and I as Cowbell, and today is her 6th birthday. Wary of things that have no control of their bodily movements, we waited her out until she was tottering around on her own and speaking some sort of gibberish language. We approached cautiously, and slowly she won us over. Now my niece is Mr Bear’s biggest fan, and he made sure to teach her all sorts of fun things, like how to beg, where the treats are kept, and most importantly, how to nap. When she was younger she would ‘hug’ him by rubbing her head against his, and he would lay on her while she slept to keep watch. Watching the two of them grow up together has been quite a journey and I cherish every moment we all have with each other. They make the cutest duo, and I am so lucky to have them both in my life. Happy 6th birthday to Cowbell and Happy 1

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