Why Work For A Dog Walking Company?

Want to know what the best, most fun, and rewarding job is in the marketplace right now?

Here are the top 10 reasons why a dog walking job as an employee is the best:

1) FUN!  Loving and caring for dogs all day is the BEST. You get instant gratification in love.  Doggy kisses are heartwarming.  You cannot be in a bad mood around dogs!

2) Exercise. You get paid to walk and move your body in the fresh air!

3) Flexible Schedule. With dog walking companies, you have an arrival time window which provides flexibility of when you start a visit.
4) Being outdoors. Being in the sunshine and outdoors gives you extra Vitamin D! 
5) Support for you.  As an employee of a dog walking company, you have the full support of an office backing you and team members backing you.  If you want to go on a vacation or are sick, a dog walking company has other team members that will substitute for you.
6) Hours to work.  As a midday dog walker, if you are a mom, you can be there in the morning for drop off and pick up for children’s schools.  Retirees love midday dog walks as they can still do other activities without a full-time commitment.  College & Graduate students love midday dog walks to have employment that works with their school schedule.
7) Growth potential.  Working with a large dog walking company is a great entry point for an animal career path like becoming a vet.  Also, within dog walking companies there are leadership advancements available for new sales, human resources, administrative work, etc.
8) Consistent work.  When you are an employee with a dog walking company, there is consistent work vs. being an independent contractor where work fluctuates.
9) Team atmosphere. While you walk dogs by yourself, working with a dog walking company provides a social outlet with other dog people.
10) LOVE! Caring for a furbaby is the opportunity to give love and also be loved by a sweet furball.
If you are in the Northern Virginia area and are interested in applying to become a dog walker, fill out an application to start the hiring process. CLICK HERE.