New Hire Questionnaire

Help us match you up to the right types of clients for you!

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    2. Preferred name or nickname (if applicable):

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    4. Town or City you live in (required):

    5 Are you interested in midday dog walks and/or pet sitting (required)?

    6. Please list the days and time you are not available to work (required)?

    7. Do you want cat visits (required)?

    8. How comfortable do you feel with cat details or having a cat client that is very detail oriented? 1-5 (1 being least comfortable 5 being most):

    9. How would you rate your dog handling skills - training techniques, ability to remain in control with hyper dogs, using a gentle lead/halti, ability for dogs to follow your commands, etc - 1 being you have very limited dog experience to 5 being very experienced working with many dogs (required):

    10. What are the exact areas you're available to work? Please mark each area (required):

    11. Do you have any future dates you need off or vacation planned (required)?

    12. Do you want to be offered overnight visits? If Yes, please indicate areas you are willing to do overnights in question 8

    13. We require an emergency contact for our records. Provide a Name/Number and relation to you that we may call if there is ever an emergency (required).

    14. What is the best number for us to text you at (required)?

    15. For snow – do you have a SUV you normally drive? Would you have access to a SUV if needed for visits in snow or ice (required)?

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